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Up for sale is the start to one of the best performing cars that will ever be welded together. If your heart desires is to own a bad-ass pro-touring '69 Camaro here it is. The project was started about three years ago and due to some life changing events the sellers priorities have changed. The quality of this build to date is beyond what most shops are capable of and is is NO desire to pass it off to someone who is not up to the task of finishing this car out to the level it was previously intended.

This 69 Camaro was started with a jig (included in the sale) which set the front frame rails and rear sub-rails into the factory location. The owner knew he was going to  have to start with aftermarket pans to modify them in a manner that you couldn't tell. He removed the factory torq boxes and replaced them with a rear cross-member. He also boxed the factory style subrails and attached the sub-frame connectors to simulate a full chassis car. He didn't want people to see where the factory car stopped and the race car started. There are roll cage provisions off of the rear bulkhead and front sub-frame so the cage is not just welded to plates that are then welded to sheet metal. He wanted to eliminate as much flex as possible to ensure the tight body gaps would not change after the car seen the track. The engine is set back 5.5 inches for weight transfer and the inner rockers are dropped over the floor pans 1.5 inches to  lower the roll center. The intentions were to build for looks but also to shred the AutoX scene.

Since the start of this project the seller has had a total of three 1969 Camaros before finding the right body. The others had surprises hiding under the paint, this body is by far the nicest.The extra sheet metal was purchased while he had the other bodies. There will be extra parts you will not use sheet metal wise and extras that can be sold.

As for the parts included, there is over $70,000USD. in what is pictured, the best of the best and no expenses were spared.

LOCATION:  Mansfield, Ohio, USA


Email for more information or to purchase.

SHIPPING TERMS: Buyer responsible / can deliver for extra fee, will ship worldwide at your expense.


MAKE:  Chevrolet

MODEL: Camaro

YEAR:  1969

ENGINE & POWER: N/A  (set up for LS – 5.5 in set back)


DRIVE TRAIN: Pro Touring Garage approved supplier - Bowler Performance Transmissions / C&R third member, full specs of Bowler below.

•Bowlers Tremec GM T-56 Magnum 2.29 Unit w/Stage II Upgrades

•Ram Clutch and Flywheel

•Flywheel bolt kit

•Install hardware

•Pilot Bearing

•Tilton Throwout w/Guide Tube

•Bowler Shift Lever w/Multihole knob

•Pigtail Package w/Speedo Plug

•1350 Slip Yoke

• Royalm Purple Synchromax

•Quick Time Bellhousing

•C&R 3rd member with Trutrac ford 3.89 gear/REM & Dyno Service



•Pro Touring Garage approved supplier - Baer Extreme + 14"  - all 4 corners

•R-spec Floating rotor upgrade -all 4 corners

•Fire Red powder coat -all 4 corners

•Proportioning valve


CHASSIS / CLIP:  Pro Touring Garage approved supplier - Detroit Speed Engineering

•Hydroformed Sub-frame with double adjustable JRI shocks and remote canisters     

•Quadralink rear suspension with JRI shocks and remote canisters

•skf wheel bearing upgrade all 4 corners

•camber shim kit

•Sub-frame connectors

•1/2 height body mounts

•stainless body bolt kit

•"Stielow floater" 9 inch with all the trimmings!

•Rear sway bar and hardware


BODY MODIFICATIONS: Pro Touring Garage approved supplier - Ring Brothers

•Universal Battery Disconnect Switch

•Universal Body Mount Battery Charging Port

•Hood Hinge Kit - Air Frame - Natural

•Universal Gas Spring - qty 2 - 260 lbs ea.

•GM Door Kit - door handles, door strikers & lock pulls

•Universal Round Hood Pin Kit w/long pin - Natural

•Universal Billet Hood Adjusters - 1.25 Black


BODY:  Really clean California Shell and the best aftermarket possible

•2 Quarters (extra)

•2 pr. DSE inner tubs

•1pr. Outer tub

•1 Roof skin

•Solid AZ door inners

•Outer door skins are NOS GM

•All front sheet metal is nice solid original GM

•Floors are highly modified to fit changes made for performance


WHEELS / TIRES:  Forgeline RB3C forged concave wheel setup for a Detroit Speed Equipped 1969 Camaro 

• 18x10.5 fronts with 6.3 bs with 19x12 rears with 5.5 bs.  Powder Coated "Flat Bronze" 

• Michelin pilot Sport PS2 Tires.  295/30r18 fronts and 345/30r19 rears.



•Approved Pro Touring Garage Supplier - Baer Brakes (Extreme + 14")  -all 4 corners

•R-spec Floating rotor upgrade -all 4 corners

•Fire Red powder coat -all 4 corners

•Proportioning valve




•Ron Davis Racing Products - Chevrolet Camaro Type 1967-1969 Dual Pass - LS Engine - Dual Fans & Shroud

•Remote inline oil to water heat exchanger with 1.5 hose connections dual pass

•Recovery Tank 13 X 3 over all

•RDRP Billet Radiator Cap Cover

•Gas Tank:   Rick's Tanks\

•Big horspower pump and electronics, and notched for exhaust clearance

•Headers: D.S.E.

•LS headers with 4 sets of V band clamps      

Email for more information or to purchase.